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Sometimes it is really hard to connect with film reviews. After all these are critiques that are written by people who are constantly seeing films and often this can lead to impossibly high standards and in some cases the misdirected need to say something of value. This can often lead to somewhat pompous overindulgent clap-trap, that is so far off the average cinema lover's general consensus.

Take Avatar as an example... 2.5 billion at the box office and yet so many reviewers slammed it for it's lack of multi-levelled characters and simplistic "Pocahontas" like story-line. 
While the reviewers seemed unhappy, the general populous seemed enthralled.

So that's what Big Screen NZ is all about. Reviewing movies not to find what was wrong with the film, but to find out if the film achieved what it set out to. I am sure that Avatar was not trying to be a deeply moving story-line that would change your life and perspective on the world, but instead an adventure film that you could loose yourself in for a couple of hours.

So unless a film is completely terrible, we're going to tell you the facts wrapped in some observation and let you decide if it sounds like something you might wanna see. Of course if we see something that we really like... We are gonna tell you... because we don't want you to miss out based on dumb trailers or snobby reviews...

Our regular reviewers are Jon E Clist, Clayton Barnett, Joseph Hoshino Andy Box, Molly Curnow, Maxene London, Wal Reid and Jarred Tito. If you think you have what it takes to review films and are based in Auckland, NZ flick an example review to jon@bigscreennz.com

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