Hereditary Reviewed by Joseph Hoshino

The Premise
HEREDITARY is a soul-shaking vision of first-time filmmaker Ari Aster - an expertly crafted, supremely disturbing paranormal horror story about a cursed family that inherits unimaginable evils following the death of their mysterious grandmother. Bolstered by critical acclaim and its pedigree cast and producers. HEREDITARY will emerge post-Sundance/SXSW splash to quickly grab the attention of cinephiles and elevated genre fans alike as the hotly anticipated new jewel of the Indie Horror Renaissance.
The Review
Oh dear, I’ve read about an incident where the trailer for this film was mistakenly previewed at an April 25th screening of Peter Rabbit in a cinema of 40+ kids in Western Australia. As you can imagine, panic arose much too quickly by what’s been described by Vanity Fair as “an unsettling look at what demons we may have inherited from our parents”.

Watching said trailer puts this film in a spoiler free nutshell, you’re catching all the horrific vibes and suspense with very little understanding of what’s really happening. From start to finish there’s absolutely no sugar coating in what most of the time has you disturbed or utterly confused in a Jackie Chan meme kind of way. The only real laughter I could share with the rest of the cinema was that of the quietly uncomfortable kind.

It’s horror right from the get-go and Ari Aster’s really made it count in this directorial debut. When you’ve made something so perfectly distressing that keeps us as an audience in such discomfort, there’s no question for your award-winning potential.

The same goes for its exceptional cast, especially in favour of Toni Collette and Alex Wolff. Collette is the physical embodiment of sheer distress, rage and grief, at times being all three at once. Wolff is this film’s greatest show of any character transitioning in a state of bad to worse.

It doesn’t stop with these two however. Milly Shapiro brings herself on screen with a truly malevolent presence in such a noteworthy performance. I’m sure she’s a really nice kid, but starting with a strange addiction to chocolate bars and other bizarre hobbies, her character certainly wouldn’t make such a great role model for her classmates.
The Verdict
Enough said, Hereditary is undoubtedly high up there among the ranks of other fantastic and recently made horrors such as A Quiet Place and Oscar winner Get Out.

The Trailer
The Info
Releases: 7th June 2018
Rating: R16
Duration: 128 minutes
Genre:  Horror
Starring: Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff
Director: Ari Aster (Debut Feature Film)