Crooked House Reviewed By Jon E Clist

The Premise
In this classic Agatha Christie detective story, former diplomat Charles Hayward has returned from Cairo to London to become a private detective. When Aristide Leonides, a wealthy and ruthless tycoon, is poisoned in his own bed, Detective Hayward is invited to solve the crime. As the investigation deepens he must confront the shocking realization that one of the key suspects is Aristede's beautiful granddaughter, his employer and former lover; and must keep a clear head to navigate the sultry Sophia and the rest of her hostile family.

The Review
Talk about one of the all time great writers of the good old murder-mystery, Agatha Christie. It is a testament to her ability to tell a compelling tale, that her stories are still being made into movies. While the recently released Murder on The Orient Express still balanced that fine line between comedy and Murder Mystery, Crooked House is a lot darker in tone.

Of course, if you are telling a story that is darker in tone and intense in nature, it is important to have the right director and a brilliant cast to deliver it. Crooked House sees Gilles Paquet-Brenner take the helm to pieces together a deeply intense murder-mystery to perfection. This is one of the Agatha Christie stories that I was not familiar with and therefore it was a wonderfully dramatic and intriguing tale to watch unfold before my eyes. I love a good mystery that not only tells an interesting story but keeps you guessing as to what has happened and whodunnit. Crooked House covers all those bases. Part of it comes down to the beautiful manner in which the drama has been captured and edited visually. The classic English countryside setting is so fully delectable, and the costumes help to so fully draw you into the characters and their plight.

I think the best element to this film is by far the casting. From top to bottom each character delivers their part in the mystery to perfection. With Glenn Close in the elder role, there is this spectacular air of royalty in the mix. Her character is one of pure ambivalence. I don’t mean that in the sense that she is someone who doesn’t care what is happening but instead she is above it all and has seen enough to know that there are more important things at play. Then of course in one for the central roles we have Max Irons. You would be a fool to expect him to be a bad actor when you realise the stock he comes from. As the son of the great dramatic actor Jeremy Irons. He dazzles in the role of the young detective that has been brought into figure it all out.

The picture is completed by a wonderful ensemble cast featuring extremely talented actors like Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Julian Sands and Terrence Stamp. A little know nerd connection is that both Julian Sands and Terrence Stamp played Superman’s Dad Jor El in the Television show Smallville. Anyway… This is a great cast to bring Agatha Christie’s powerful words to life on the big screen.

The Verdict
A great film in the Murder-Mystery genre that will take you om quite the dark ride through the forest of intrigue.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 10th May 2018
Rating: PG - Contains Coarse language & sexual references
Duration: 115 minutes 
Genre:  Thriller
Starring: Max Irons, Stefanie Martini, Glenn Close, Christina Hendricks, Terrence Stamp, Julian Sands, Gillian Anderson
Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner (Sarah’s Key)