Kobi Reviewed BY Cam Eagle

The Premise
This new documentary is a personal portrait of Swiss-Kiwi goldsmith Kobi Bosshard. Regarded as a pioneer of contemporary New Zealand jewellery making.

The Review
Kobi Bosshard is a Swiss-born kiwi who makes jewelry that is exquisite while also being quite bulk.

Kobi is an interesting documentary that follows the life story of Kobi, told by his daughter.

“It is the best way to make jewelry,” Kobi says as he makes everything the old fashioned way; even bread. Kobi talks about the alternative, of doing things quicker versus doing things better; going fast at the cost of losing quality. He says that all good things take time, and “there is no such thing as a shortcut so don’t try to look for them.” His work ethic is impressive, and he never appears hurried.

Another theme was that everything from life goes into the jewelry so when you have a varied, enriching life and you bring that into the work, you can see that in the art. Jewelry is art, in its most concentrated form.

Kobi has some quirky funny bits like the sheep concert; when the sheep gather to listen to the music.

The Verdict
A rustic New Zealand story for lovers of small town jewelry lovers, “meals under plum trees and lot of music”, Kobi is a meandering slow documentary.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 8th March 2018
Rating: E
Duration: 103 minutes 
Genre:  Documentary
Starring: Kobi
Director: Andrea Bosshard, Shane Loader