Daddy's Home 2 DVD Reviewed By Jon E Clist

The Premise
Brad and Dusty must deal with their intrusive fathers during the holidays.

The Review
There are some people who can bring out the worst in you with little to no effort. Unfortunately, these people are often our family. Daddy’s Home 2 builds the whole film on this very aspect of life. While in the first film it was all about the relationship between Brad and Dusty and the whole concept of joint families and the sharing of fatherly duties between Dad and Step-Dad, here we see a wider collection of relationships on display and then in turn how that then impacts on the Brad and Dusty relationship.

If you saw the first film then you know what they went through in order to be not just able to put up with each other but to also figure out a rhythm for co-parenting and building on each other’s strengths. So add into the dynamic brad and Dusty’s own fathers and you start to see where their own traits and insecurities have come from. I’ll be honest and say that other than my wife, no one can push my buttons like my father. I know that often it relates to the high value I put on his approval and the fact that in so many ways we are so very alike. So, for me, I could relate to the premise of this film but let me point out that my Dad is nothing like these cinematic dads and after seeing this film, it has helped me to realise even more so how lucky and blessed I am to have the father that I do.

The laughs abound in this film and I found myself and those around me laughing to great the extremes at many of the set-ups and fall-downs. The whole clumsy emotional nature of Brad backed by the overly masculine persona of Dusty brings much mirth and while they work so hard to tolerate each other through the first half of the film, the presence of their own fathers puts this new-found love to the test.

Mel Gibson is something rather special in this film and while he brings the testosterone it plays so well against John Lithgow’s overabundance of estrogen, metaphorically speaking. I could nearly feel the hair growing on my chest while John Cena, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson shared the screen at the same time. Talk about an insane sausage fest.

I also really enjoyed that this film wasn’t overly smutty or full of fart jokes. It was actually reasonably family friendly (Probably kids aged 11 and up ish) Yet the whole film works on the premise that in the modern world families don’t look the same and gone are the days when all kids have two parents. There is conversations about boundaries within parenting and that there is this concept that in general no one acts the way they do for no reason. So if you are needing to set firmer boundaries with your kids, there actually might be something else they are missing. Too often we are all about dealing with the symptoms and not the cause. How funny that a Will Ferrell comedy could help to put this into focus.

The Verdict
A lot of fun, a mass of laughs from an all-star cast that even has a good solid message thrown in for good measure about love and family.

The Trailer

The Info
DVD Releases: 7th March 2018
Rating: M
Duration: 98 minutes 
Genre:  Comedy
Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, John Cena, John Lithgow & Mel Gibson
Director: Sean Anders (Daddys Home, Horrible Bosses 2)

The Extras

Mel Gibson plays Mark Wahlberg's father. In reality, Gibson is only 15 years older than Wahlberg.

This will be the second time John Lithgow plays a character's father with the last name Whitaker after Jerome Whitaker (Barney's father) on How I met Your Mother.

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Mel Gibson have all acted alongside Diego Luna.