Despicable Me 3 Reviewed by Andy Box

The Premise
After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin's despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.

The Review
Twins Peak in Despicable Diamond Caper

My Children and I really enjoyed this film. The eighties music, the characters and the minions all add to what was just a really fun experience. Although the plot is not original, it is well done and easy to follow for those of all ages. The concept of family, relationships, reunions and good versus bad are explored throughout with usual franchise humour and colour.

The casting of Trey Parker (voice of Eric Cartman) for the voice of super evil Balthazar Bratt, will I am sure, provoke discussion. Personally, I thought the voice was spot on and that the character of Bratt reminded me somewhat of Ben Stiller’s portrayal of Globo Gyms White Goodman (Dodgeball, A true underdog story). You will either love him or hate him. Brilliant or over the top?

The ever-reliable Steve Carell voices both Dru and Gru and keeps the pace moving along nicely with help from a strong voice cast including Steve Coogan (Silas) another comedian I think is worth listening to.

The minions are the minions and do what minions are supposed to do. Animated dumb and dumber characters designed to add funny moments to a serious plot. It is always tricky finding the balance of how much they should be on screen given that they now have their own franchise. However, I thought the unexpected appearance on the sing reality show was classic.

The Verdict
An entertaining third instalment, that will tick all the boxes for a family trip to the movies.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 29th June 2017
Rating: PG
Duration: 90 minutes
Genre:  Animation
Starring: Kristen Wiig, Jenny Slate, Steve Carell
Directors: Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin

The Extras
Steve Carell said that Despicable Me 3 may be his last film as the voice of Gru. However, Carell stated that if he was asked to do a cameo in any future Minion sequels, he happily would.
Agnes's voice actress Elsie Fisher from the first and second movies was replaced by Nev Scharrel due to Fisher getting too old for the role.

Trey Parker's first role in a movie targeted to children.

This is the first Illumination Entertainment film to be produced in a 2.39:1 widescreen aspect ratio; all of that company's previous films were produced in 1.85:1.

Jenny Slate's third Illumination Entertainment film after The Lorax (2012) and The Secret Life of Pets (2016).

Alan Tudyk was considered for the role of Balthazar Bratt.

The diamond featured in the first trailer is a parody to the Pink Panther diamond.