Beyond The Known World Reviewed by Cam Eagle

The Premise
Recently divorced Carl and Julie are not on good terms. When their 19-year-old daughter goes missing in India, they travel from coastal Auckland NZ and journey into the Himalayas via New Delhi in search for her. Desperate to find Eva, Carl's misreading of the local culture leads to a young woman being imprisoned. Old wounds and betrayals between husband, wife and daughter are exposed, and both Carl and Julie question whether they are responsible for driving Eva away.

The Review
When 19 year old Eva fails to return home to New Zealand from India, her estranged parents Carl and Julie must reunite to find her. Their journey takes them to a country that is beyond what they are accustomed to; a densely populated land with drugs, corruption and many missing people. From the chaos of New Delhi to idyllic Himalayan villages, they encounter hash smoking ex pats who are tight lipped and local police which offer little help.

Suspecting Eva has pursued a spiritual experience and then died in the mountains Carl plans to return home, but Julie's refusal to stop searching eventually proves that sometimes blind-faith is better than having none at all. In search for their daughter Carl and Julie find that following her journey ultimately touches them in a healing way as they rediscover each other.

Beyond the Known World considers the consequence of actions and highlights the problem of missing antipodeans in India as a sober reminder to keep the family communication lines open.

At the same time it is an intriguing story with nice moments. In one touching moment an ex pat explains why she has helped, saying, “if my mother had have come for me, I would have loved to have been found.”

The use of technology from smart phone capabilities to laptop videos added to the story telling with the image on the phone showing the next piece of the story.

Most scenes add to the whole storyline, however the sex scene seems quite tacked on as if the movie would make more money of it had a sex scene in it.

The Verdict
A captivating story told well amidst interesting scenes, Beyond The Known World is a good piece of storytelling.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 20th April 2017
Rating: M – Contains violence, offensive language, drug use & sex scenes
Duration: 102 minutes 
Genre:  Drama
Starring: David Wenham, Sia Trokenheim, Emmanuelle BĂ©art, Chelsie Preston Crayford

Director: Pan Nalin (Angry Indian Godesses)