Allied DVD Reviewed By Clayton Barnett

The Premise
In 1942, an intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war.

The Review
Brad Pitt tries to channel his inner Humphrey Bogart in this stylish but slightly-slow paced World War II nod to Casablanca.

Director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future) knows how to marry larger-than-life story with sweeping visuals – he cleaned up at the Oscars with Forest Gump and after a foray into animation hit back with the engrossing Flight and The Walk. And he’s got his sights on another gold statue, with his first shot at a WWII romantic drama in the vein of The English Patient and Casablanca.

He nails the visuals – there’s a stunning sand storm sex scene, gorgeous costumes and a cunning use of mirror motifs – but the story by Steven Knight (The Hundred Foot Journey) is a bit uneven and slow at times. Bloody good action scenes though - it is R rated stuff people - with two tense-as-hell sequences and the subterfuge in the second half is gripping.

You just wish Brad Pitt turned up for this one though. His mind might have been elsewhere but after cracker turns in two of my favourite WWII flicks - Fury and Inglorious Basterds – I was a bit disappointed. He picks up in the latter half with his spy games and luckily the brilliant and seductive Marion does enough heavy lifting for both of them.

The Verdict
It may not rank in the class of Casablanca, nor have the sparks of Bogart and Bergman, but Allied has enough spy-style to keep the troops entertained.

The Trailer

The Info
DVD Releases: 22nd March 2017
Rating: M – Contains Violence, offensive language, sex scenes & content that may disturb
Duration: 120 minutes 
Genre:  Drama
Starring: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Lizzy Caplan, Jared Harris, Matthew Goode
Director: Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future)

The Extras
This is Brad Pitt's fourth World War II movie, following Inglourious Basterds (2009), Beyond All Boundaries (2009), and Fury (2014).

Brad Pitt's character's surname, Vatan, means "homeland" in Turkish and Arabic. However, the character is French-Canadian.

This is Brad Pitt and Jared Harris' third movie together. They also starred in Ocean's Twelve (2004) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

The inspirations for the film's costumes were Casablanca (1942) and Now, Voyager (1942), where the costumes combined both simplicity and beauty.

This is the eighteenth film to be directed by Robert Zemeckis.

This is Marion Cotillard's second World War II film. The first was Lisa (2001).

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of Gran Canaria, where some scenes were filmed, was ranked as the city with the best climate in the world in a 1996 scientific study called "Pleasant Weather Ratings" by Thomas Whitmore, director of research on climatology at Syracuse University, New York.