As It is in heaven 2 Heaven On Earth DVD Reviewed by Jon E Clist

The Premise
A group of people live in the small village "Ljusåker" in the most northern part of Sweden. When the choir director, world-renowned conductor Daniel Dareus, dies, he leaves his choir and the love of his life behind, the beautiful soprano Lena, who also is expecting their child.

The Review
Okay so the first film came out ten years ago and was a lovely film. There was so many great components to it. One of which being the characters as portrayed by Michael Nyqvist and Frida Hallgren and the chemistry between them. Nyqvist has dazzled our screens ever since his international breakthrough in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo films. There was a gravitas to his performance. Of course by killing him off in that film, it meant that there was going to be a big hole to fill in this sequel.

While there are moments of humour, a dash of drama, the magic is missing and unfortunately the film feels a little forced. Copying elements in plot from the first film but not having the context to make them fit. Sure this follows suit of a story of overcoming public expectations, but it seems as though this cut and paste plot has missed the point a bit…

I know… I hear you say… “But you are normally so positive about films” and sure there are moments in this film where you will smile and maybe even some that will move you. For the most part it is an okay watch, but the glue that normally holds a film together is missing and you will find yourself looking at your watch and hoping it gets back on track.

The Verdict
A bit of a miss really… if you loved the original film, then you will probably not like this one… if you didn’t see the original then this might seem original to you…

The Trailer

The Info
DVD Releases: 11th January 2017
Rating: M – Contains violence and offensive language
Duration: 135 minutes 
Genre:  Drama
Starring: Axelle Axell, Björn Bengtsson, Eric Ericson
Director: Kay Pollak (As It Is In Heaven)