RUSSIAN RESURRECTION - Flight Crew Reviewed By Clayton Barnett

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The Premise
A remake of the 1979 Russian blockbuster disaster movie, Flight Crew was the number one film at the 2016 Russian Box Office and sits inside the top six for all-time money-earners. During a flight to Asia the crew on board a passenger jet receives a message about an earthquake and makes the call to go to the epicenter of the disaster and evacuate the stranded people before the volcano erupts. A dangerous rescue mission ensues where working together is the crew’s only chance for survival. Flight Crew stars Russia’s biggest names in acting today – Danila Kozlovsky (Legend 17, Soulless 1 and 2) and Vladimir Mashkov (Kandahar, The Edge, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol).

The Review
The Russians sure know how to put on a spectacle, and Flight Crew is an epic disaster movie that soars above American blockbusters.

This remake of a 1979 film has been the number one movie in Russia this year and no wonder, along with some impressive big-budget special effects the movie outdoes US efforts with something simple, fleshed out characters we actually care about. The all-star Russian cast give this movie a lot of heart, with the first half dedicated to building up back-stories that entertain with a quirky Russian sense of humour.

Vladimir Mashkov (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) is a highlight as the strict old-school senior pilot, and his interaction with his parkour-loving son is a crackup. Jamie Dornan lookalike Danila Kozlovsky (Hardcore Henry, Vampire Academy) is pretty impressive too, mixing his action heroics with romance and some cocky humour.

But it’s the action that will blow you away. I was expecting an average finale with some forgettable SFX, but the last half has stunning visuals and such escalating high-altitude thrills I needed a shot of vodka after to calm me down! It’s edge of your seat stuff that definitely needs a wider audience; get on board this flight if you can.

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