Oasis Supersonic Reviewed By CLayton Barnett

The Premise
An in-depth look at the life and music of Manchester-based rock band, Oasis.

The Review
Nothing defined early 90’s Britpop like Oasis, and as a pimpled teenager in Palmy I immediately loved the swagger and sound of Manchester’s favourite sons. So when I heard a documentary was coming - from the producers of the brilliant Amy nonetheless – I was amped.

Supersonic covers their meteoric rise from humble council estate living in 1993, to the height of their fame as they performed one of the biggest outdoor concerts in 1996, and it’s absolutely gripping. Just like Amy the early stuff is the most mind-blowing, home videos of just normal brothers mucking about, the band’s formative beginnings and the moment of fate in a Glasgow pub that changed their lives forever.

It’s all beautifully handled by director Mat Whitecross (who made Ian Drury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and a million Coldplay videos). Collating such a wealth of source material into a streamlined narrative isn’t easy, and sticking with only using footage from the era he’s used some impressive graphically treatment to bring it all to life.

This movie wouldn’t be nearly as enthralling and entertaining without the larger than life egos of Liam and Noel. Their rollercoaster love / hate dynamic makes for dynamite viewing and the band’s rise is repeatedly sabotaged by their bitter infighting.

Luckily they can write some decent songs, and their iconic sound is just music to your ears blasting out in surround sound. From Supersonic to Wonderwall you’ll be reminiscing about when you listened to these songs in a time before the Internet and smartphones changed the world.

There are some crack up moments too, as Manchester’s favourite sons run amok on a ferry to a gig in Amsterdam and repeatedly give each other grief on tour. And you can’t help but get a bit emotional as Ms Gallagher talks about her boys and their abusive father.

The Verdict
It’s not a maybe, you definitely want to see this gripping, funny and inspiring doco on the supersonic rise of Oasis. The soundtrack isn’t half bad either.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 13th October 2016
Rating: R16 – contains Drug use & offensive language
Duration: 122 minutes
Genre:  Documentary 
Starring: Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher
Director: Mat Whitecross (Ashes)

The Extras
When the location for the UK premiere was announced to be London, Liam Gallagher took to Twitter to vent his anger, saying that it should be in Manchester, where Oasis were originally based.

When watching the first cut of the documentary Liam Gallagher called the film "Biblical".

'Supersonic' was the first single Oasis released which only peaked at #31 in the UK Charts.