Unindian DVD Reviewed By Andy Box

The Premise
Meera, a beautiful Australian women of Indian origin, living in Sydney. Divorced and a single mother, she follows her dreams, instead of that of her parents'. Falling in love with an Australian man Will, for Meera is not only scandalous, it's UNindian.

The Review
This may bowl you over!

The concept of fast bowler Brett Lee playing the romantic love interest of a divorced, single mother from a traditional Indian background may not be appealing to your average movie watcher. However do not rush to dismiss this notion as this charming movie and the acting of Brett Lee may surprise you on the film’s journey through cultural differences in a modern Australian metropolis.
Lee who is not quite in the same league as Vinnie Jones in his ‘Lock stock’ debut turns in an acceptable first performance for a sport star turned actor. You can see he was not completely comfortable in this role and in many of the romantic scenes, however there was just something about his personality that kept you in your seat.
Anupam Sharma (Director/Producer) has delivered a watchable and original movie that encapsulates the real life pressures of being Indian in Australia.  He has done a fine job of taking the writing of Devendra Gupta and Thushy Sathi and examining arranged marriage, homosexuality and gender roles through a traditional untraditional love story that is genuinely funny at times.
The choice of Lee is pure genius.
Take a typical Aussie male sports star and the idea of a multicultural comedy drama, throw in lots of colour, some pumping Bollywood sounds, some suspect dance scenes and an ensemble of interesting characters and boom! An Aussie – Indian movie that celebrates the best parts of what it means to be Indian and Australian at the same time. In other words there is something for everyone.
Tannishta Chatterjee’s (Brick Lane 2007) performance will probably be overshadowed by Lee and the content of this movie. Her portrayal of a single mother fighting against her interfering traditional parents is solid and she demonstrates a love of her own background whilst embracing many aspects of a wider ‘unINDIAN’ society. Her on screen chemistry and relaxed way with Lee is what holds this movie together.
The Verdict
I like this movie so go and bend it with Brett and take a trip to the movies.              

The Trailer

The Info
DVD Releases: 10th August 2016
Rating: M – Contains sex scenes
Duration: 102 minutes 
Genre:  Comedy Drama
Starring: John Howard, Stephen Hunter, Heather Maltman

Director: Anupam Sharma (We Are Family)