Star Trek Beyond Film Review

Film Review by Jon E Clist

The Premise
Star Trek Beyond, the highly anticipated next installment in the Star Trek franchise, returns with director Justin Lin at the helm of this epic voyage of the U.S.S. Enterprise and her intrepid crew. In Star Trek Beyond, the Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.

The Review
Every time something related to Star Trek comes, I find myself starting off my reviews with just how much of a fan I am of this franchise. I grew up watching the original TV series and loved the original films and let’s be honest, I had Star Trek action figures. My Spock doll was by far my favourite childhood toy and we had many adventures together. That being said, I guess there has been a strong connection between me and the whole world of Star Trek and although I don’t dress up in the costumes or put on Spock ears, I am a trekkie.

I loved what JJ Abrams has brought to the modern take on Star Trek and the wonderful way in which he has managed to connect the original with the reimagined through use of alternative timelines. For those of you who have seen 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, you will know respectfully JJ has approached this hallowed sci-fi world. Sure he might have lost his way slightly in his second outing, yet it was still a great movie. When you think of the two biggest franchises in Sci-Fi (Star Wars and Star Trek) it is mind-blowing to see that JJ Abrhams has been tasked with bringing both franchises back from what could have arguably be described as “The Death”. I don’t mean that this franchises had died a painful horrible death but for the most part I think we had kind of figured that with the general stories and main characters that we loved, it had done its course. Not so and here we have JJ handing the torch on to Justin Lin in the director’s chair to see what he can do with it.

Well the great news is that he has done great things with his opportunity. He has brought his awesome approach to high energy action with plenty of comedy and even drama thrown in. I think that Lin has a great way of utilizing soundtrack. We have always had great music scores bedded underneath the Star Trek action, however there hasn’t been as obvious use of pop/rock music within the story lines. All I can say is that music plays a big part in not only setting the scene here but also in building the tension and smashing the action.

The usual suspects in the cast are great and it is awesome to see a little more happening with the Bones McCoy character. It is such a brilliant and rather layered character and when utilized well adds weight to the other relationships. If you are a fan of the original TV series and films you will know that there is a brilliant back and forth relationship between Spock and Bones and so far, the previous two new outings hadn’t developed that as yet. Here is where we see this come to life.

Then we see the addition of some smashing cast members. Idris Elba is his usual amazing and Sofia Boutella is the perfect strong female character to add alongside that of Saldana’s Uhura.

One aspect of this film that I have to say that I really enjoyed and felt quite a bit of pride in, is the way in which they have played tribute to what has gone before. With the death of Leonard Nimoy, the script had to be reworked without Spock Prime. By working it into the film they did a brilliant job of playing tribute and being able to connect with the original cast of Star Trek. It is also great to note that Anton Yelchin (Who plays Pavel Chekov) tragically passed away almost a month prior to the film's release. The Star Trek film producers have announced that they won't recast his role and for this stage of the Star Trek universe, there will be no new Chekov. Kind of like retiring the Basket Ball jersey... Great respect. Here's an interesting article about it... Click link

The Verdict
For me one of the most satisfying Star Trek Outings since Star Trek III The Search For Spock. Totally spectacular on the big screen.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 20th July 2016
Rating: M
Duration: 122 minutes 
Genre:  Sci-Fi
Starring: Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoƫ Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, John Cho, Sofia Boutella, and Idris Elba
Director: Justin Lin (The Fast and the Furious franchise)

The Extras

In August 2014, this was announced that Paramount Pictures has pushed back the film's release in time for the 50th anniversary celebration of the late Gene Roddenberry's original series.

J.J. Abrams declined to return to direct the third film because of his directorial obligations on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). Abrams will stay on as a producer for the third film while screenwriter Roberto Orci - one of the writers for the first two installments of the newly rebooted franchise - was chosen to direct the third installment. In December 2014, however, Roberto Orci was dropped as director.

A renegotiation of contracts has meant a larger pay deal for the returning actors, while also writing in the option of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto returning for a fourth film.

According to Zachary Quinto, while he greatly enjoys the character Spock, he has made mention that he is ready to move on from the role and venture into other projects. He has stated though that he fully plans to finish out his contractual obligations in playing the role of Spock and seeing where his character's journey goes in the trilogy. Quinto (just like the rest of his main co-stars) signed on for a three picture deal in which makes this film his last contractual commitment towards the role of Spock.

The first official Star Trek feature not shot on 35mm film.

In an interview, screenwriter Roberto Orci stated that Star Trek 3 would be more original and wanted the film to stay in the classic Trek world.

The first Star Trek film ever to be shot primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia and not in Hollywood. All existing sets, including those of the USS Enterprise, were rebuilt from scratch in a large studio in Vancouver.