My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 DVD Review

DVD Review by Cam Eagle

The Premise
Still working in her parents' Greek restaurant, Toula Portokalos's daughter Paris is growing up. She is getting ready to graduate high school and Toula and Ian are experiencing marital issues. When Toula's parents find out they were never officially married, another wedding is in the works.

The Review
If you’re a fan of the first movie you will like this new reboot featuring ample references from the first movie and plenty of new material. There’s enough Greek drama in Toula's family to fill this comedy with plenty of heart and soul while avoiding the Greek tragedy.

13 years since the original, this sequel contains most of the cast and crew from the first movie, but the gap doesn’t feel that long and most of the cast still looks good.

Going to pains to put her family above everything, Toula Portokalos keeps her family and her husband together while stepping back from her daughter. This is a credit to her character, and an encouragement to anyone who operates behind-the-scenes.

Rather than Toula or her daughter dominating this sequel, the three generations of Toula’s family have an equal share of plotlines.

Having sidestepped the overbearing family, it’s lovely to see Toula’s daughter Paris step into her destiny, as her love-life blooms, and more significantly she embarks on a new adventure.

It should be noted that there is some risqué content to be aware of that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.

The Verdict
A delightful Greek family drama makes for a great comedy with a little bit of Greek cheese.

The Trailer

The Info
DVD Releases: 13th July 2016
Rating: TBC
Duration: 94 minutes 
Genre:  Comedy
Starring: Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Rita Wilson, John Stamos, Alex Wolff, Mark Margolis, Lainie Kazan
Director: Kirk Jones (Waking Ned Divine, Nanny PcPhee)
Producers: Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson

The Extras
This is the third film that John Corbett and Nia Vardalos have been in together.

Among the new additions to the cast are Mark Margolis, Rita Wilson, John Stamos, Elena Kampouris and Alex Wolff.