A Month of Sundays Film Review

Film Review by Jarred Tito

The Premise
Real estate agent Frank Mollard (Anthony LaPaglia) won't admit it, but he can't move on. Divorced but still attached, he can't sell a house in a property boom and much less connect with his teenage son. One-night Frank gets a phone call from his mother. Nothing out of the ordinary apart from the fact that she died a year ago!

The Review
An interesting film made up of satire and drama which delivered some real moments of laughing under your breath, giggles here and there, and a couple of genuine laugh-out-loud moments. 

Frank Mollard (Anthony LaPaglia) a real estate agent based in Adelaide is struggling to come to terms with what his life has become. He is well into his middle age and now realises that the sum of his life isn't really that much at all, not when he thinks about his past days and perhaps what he could have been. In the meantime, his ex-wife is now the star of a popular TV soap, which seems to add salt to the injury. His son has estranged himself from any form of emotional contact with him, viewing him as a free taxi service as well as a failed dad.

The only thing he seems to have going for him is his job working for Phillip Lang (John Clarke) of Fred Dagg fame. Always good to see a Kiwi doing well abroad. By the way, when I said the movie had genuine laugh-out-loud scenes I was actually referring to John Clarke's part in the movie. He is hilarious. His dry sense of humour was perfect and right on cue. I think if you didn't have him in the film it wouldn't have been nearly as good as it was. Having said that, I enjoyed watching the other characters in the movie. It certainly did seem to develop into a very watchable film especially from about halfway through.

Matthew Saville (director and writer) seemed to have enjoyed himself making this picture. He did have a good cast to work with and the story was certainly entertaining. However, I do think the best part of the movie was the second half when the characters started to gain their third dimensions.

The pace is slow but thoughtful. The characters are very realistic. John Clarke's comic timing is immaculate. In many ways it's satire in its truest form. Not a big budget film, but then some of the best films don't always cost a lot.
The Verdict

Would I recommend it? Yes I would. Nice to see John Clarke out and about again. He works really well with LaPaglia. It made me recall some of the laughs I had watching Clarke as Dagg. Well, enough from me. "Come on Trev kick her in the guts mate". 

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 21st July 2016
Rating: M – Contains mild themes and coarse language
Duration: 110 minutes 
Genre:  Comedy
Starring: Anthony LaPaglia, Julia Blake, Justine Clarke, John Clarke, Donal Forde, Patrick Graham, Wayne Anthoney, Henry Nixon
Director: Matthew Saville (Felony)

The Extras

Filmed in Adelaide.