An Film Review

Film Review by Cam Eagle

The Premise
The "manager" of a pancake stall finds himself confronted with an odd but sympathetic elderly lady looking for work. A taste of her home-made bean jelly convinces him, starting a relationship that is about much more than just street food.

The Review
This beautiful touching tale traces real life relationships across generations, subtle Japanese scenes and gorgeous emancipation from old wounds.

In this simple slice of life, Sentaro runs a small pancake stall serving An, a sweet red bean paste that is best made as a labour of love, with plenty of air and a good deal of patience. When Sentaro meets an elderly lady there is a hint of boiling over and a lot of froth and bubble. He’s never tasted anything like this before. And his new customers can’t get enough.

Tokue, the old Japanese lady’s hands have seen more than just three score and ten, while her relationship with Sentaro has a lot of heat but ultimately brings new meaning to life.

Having a profound effect on Sentaro and the business, Tokue enables walls to be broken down, and brings freedom and harmony in double measure.

Kirin Kiki plays Tokue, the elderly lady who proves to have magic in her hands when it comes to making "An". Sentaro (Masatoshi Nagase) delivers as the “boss” of the bakery.

The Verdict
This moving story delivers as it traces real earthy relationships across families and generations, beautiful Japanese vistas and a wonderful redemption from past wounds.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 17th March 2016
Rating: Rating
Duration: 113 minutes 
Genre:  Drama
Starring: Kirin Kiki, Masatoshi Nagase, Kyara Uchida
Director: Naomi Kawase