Self/less DVD Trailer

The Premise
When New York real estate magnate Damian Hayes is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is approached in secret by the mysterious Dr. A lbright. The doctor offers him a chance to continue living thanks to a cutting edge procedure called “shedding”, which allows Albright to transfer Damian’s consci­ousness into a new body. The only catch is that due to the program’s secrecy, Damian must sever all ties to his former life, including his only daughter Claire. Faced with certain death, Damian chooses a new lease on life and goes through with the procedure. Upon his release, Damian immediately sets about enjoying the pleasures of a younger man. It seems like a dream come true until he is approached by a woman, Madeleine, who appears to know him. She calls him Mark and accuses him of abandoning her and her daughter. Shaken, Damian confronts Dr. Albright and it is revealed that his new body was not grown fresh for him, but rather purchased from Madeleine’s husband Mark. The chase begins, one that will make Damian regret every bit of his transformation.

The Trailer
Self/less On DVD from 25th November 2015