Miss You Already Film Review

Film Review by Jon E Clist

The Premise
Milly and Jess have been best friends forever. They've shared everything since they were kids - secrets, clothes, laughs, substances, boyfriends... now they are trying to be grown-ups. Milly has a high-flying job and lives in a beautiful townhouse with husband Kit and their two kids. Jess is a town planner and she and her boyfriend Jago live on a bohemian houseboat on a London canal. Their friendship is as rock solid as ever. That is until Jess struggles to have a much longed-for baby and Milly finds out she has breast cancer. How do you share that?

The Review
There aren’t many movies that can make me cry. Ha that’s a joke for anyone who knows me or reads my reviews… Most films make me cry and certainly most Pixar films. So going into this film I kind of knew that some water was going to miraculously appear on my cheeks at some stages during the screening. After all, if you have seen the trailer or ready the synopsis you will already know this deals with cancer. Specifically, the effects of cancer on a very close friendship.

With Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore in the driving seats for this film you also know there will be plenty of laughs and a few uncomfortable moments. You certainly get those and with the addition of some acting heavy weights in the form of Paddy Constantine and Dominic Cooper, boy oh boy you have what can only be described as a dream cast.

The thing that makes this film stand out is the gritty realism that shows, cancer is not pretty. Not only does it destroy the body, but it also has a good go at dismantling our relationships and smashing our emotional stability. If it weren’t enough to do this to the sufferer of the disease, then it is the effects that it has on those around the person inhabited by such evilness. This cast under the watchful eyes of director Catherine Hardwicke have done a brilliantly satisfying job of portraying it in a very dirty realism, while still making a moving yet entertaining film.

Hardwicke comes to this picture with a very solid resume after being the first director to bring the Twilight experience to the big screen and then attempting something of a bit of a miracle in the form of The Nativity Story. Both were rather moving and she certainly has showed her ability to create emotional pieces that draw on the flawed nature of humanity within the realm of a good story.

The Verdict
Powerfully moving, grittily real and damn entertaining.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 8th October 2015
Rating: M – Contains sex scenes and offensive language
Duration: 112 minutes 
Genre:  Drama
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Dominic Cooper and Paddy Constantine
Director: Catherine Hardwicke (The Nativity Story, Twilight)

The Extras
Jennifer Aniston was originally cast but after the project was delayed, she dropped out and Rachel Weisz was cast. Weisz also dropped out and Drew Barrymore replaced her.

The Houseboat scenes were filmed on the Humber Barge by St Mary's Church on the river Thames during September 2014.