You're Not You DVD Review

DVD Review by Jarred Tito
You’re Not You

The Premise
‘You’re Not You’ which is based on a novel after the same name, is a drama centered around the life changing experience of an affluent American Classical Pianist Kate (Swank) and her struggle with the debilitating and terminal medical condition, ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’ (ALS) often referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain.

The Review
The new goddess of drama and tear jerkers, Hillary Swank, who is surely a major rival for the much coveted title of ‘All Time Hollywood Drama Queen’ currently held by long time goddess of tears Meryl Streep, has managed to get herself into yet another major ‘Tear Jerker.’

Sounds pretty clear cut? Where could you possibly go from here with the story line other than watch Swank’s character’s slow but inevitable physical decline and ultimate demise? Well, thanks to some creative writing, the story can’t be summed up so easily. Introduce the American image of the perfect husband Evan (Josh Duhamel from Transformers) who is forced into what seems an impossible role of playing the all caring, patient and understanding partner who has to watch his once beautiful and widely respected wife fade away. Oh the pain…! What should he do? Does he endure the sufferings of wife that can no longer satisfy his marital needs or should he look elsewhere? Kate’s already complicated life just goes from bad to worse as her once adoring husband struggles with his own demons under the surmounting pressures of a once picture perfect life which has just crashed into a mountain (which would have to be considered the third story line), ‘infidelity’ as it presents us with glimpses of the struggles and temptations of the spouse. The forth story line is the effects on the family and friends and the fifth concerns the large inheritance.

So then what are the first and second story lines of this movie? Well one could be forgiven for assuming that the major story concerns itself with the unforgiving disease ALS? But in my opinion it’s not. For me this is really a story about Kate (Swank) discovering herself and what is really important in life. Sure ALS features heavily throughout this picture but it really only serves as a catalyst for the saving element of the story, the number one story line…Kate and her relationship with Bec (Emma Rossum) a reckless, young college student failing in everything she does, that is thrust into the unlikely role of Home Care Giver/ and Nurse to Kate. Bec is the most undesirable candidate for the job and is immediately shunned by Evan who tries to dismiss her before she even completes her interview. However, at the insistence of Kate, Bec is ultimately appointed to the position. From there an unlikely but very fruitful relationship blossoms which takes both of them on a life changing experience. This is the best part about the movie. Sound familiar? It’s basically the same plot for the very lovable and fantastic French movie by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, The Intouchables. (A must see).

So then does this movie work and is it worth watching? Sure it’s a little predictable and yes it does use the Hollywood formula throughout, but it somehow does work. Hillary Swank does provide us with a very solid performance throughout though I have to admit, in my humble opinion, it does feel likes she puts an awful lot of work into the more ‘moving/ dramatic’ scenes and not so much into the rest of the movie. (An obvious symptom of a Drama Queen).

It was good to see Josh Duhamel in a slightly more challenging role but he was not quite there yet. The standout for the picture was Emma Rossum. She did this role very well with some proper good work which would satisfy any actor/ actress.

Sure this movie’s already been done by the French and yes they did a better job but it still has its merits. Take your tissues and a box of chocolates for the recovery time after the movie. If you’re a medical student you’re not going to learn a heck of a lot about ALS but you might learn something about bedside manner.

The Verdict
If I hadn’t already seen ‘Intouchables’ I might be tempted to rate this a little higher but alas I have.

The Trailer

The Info
DVD Releases: 15th April 2015
Rating: M – Contains Sex scenes, offensive language & drug use
Duration: 102 minutes 
Genre:  Drama
Starring: Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum, Josh Duhamel
Director: George C. Wolfe (Nights In Rodanthe)