Tarzan Film Review

Film Review by Wal Reid

The Premise
Motion-capture-animated reimagining of Tarzan, the tale of a man raised by apes after his parents' plane crashes in a remote jungle. Tarzan and Jane Porter face a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan's parents, after they died in a plane crash.

The Review
It’s a jungle affair with a new 21st century twist – a meteor crashes and bad people are after pieces of the rock that can power a small city, which happens to be in the same place as Tarzan lives. Tarzan is the young heir to the Greystoke Empire and meets Jane, an eco-saving advocate; the two of them try to save the mankind and the jungle with Tarzan splitting allegiances with his ape family and his human kind

Have to say it this movie had an identity crisis, couldn’t decide if it was Avatar or Lion King, editing was jumpy at best of times and script pretty awful. The scenes with the Apes were well done and the 3D graphics were spectacular. Although it wasn’t the most commanding of cartoon features it’s still a great to kill an afternoon but don’t go expecting it to be on par with a Disney film classic

The Verdict
Fun light-hearted 3D family entertainment to kill a Sunday afternoon.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 21st June 2014
Rating: PG - Contains violence
Duration: 94 minutes 
Genre:  Animated
Starring: Kellan Lutz, Spencer Locke, Jaime Ray Newman, Brian Bloom, Mark Deklin, Trevor St. John
Director: Reinhard Klooss (Animals United)

The Extras
The film's motion capture was shot in the Bavaria Film studio in Munich, and the animation process was worked on in two studios, one in Bavaria and the other in Hannover.

On 24 April 2014, the Dublin premiere of the film was in aid of conservation charity Ape Action Africa, supported by the lead, Kellan Lutz, who is himself interested in conservation.