Le Weekend DVD Review

DVD Review by Jon E Clist
Le Weekend

The Premise
Nick and Meg Burrows are a married academic couple from Birmingham advancing in age and tension. To mark their 30th wedding anniversary, the two embark on a trip to the place they honeymooned three decades ago: Paris, France. Hoping to rejuvenate their marriage, the couple arrives in Paris only for things not to go as planned. Eventually, the two bump into Morgan, a successful former fellow student of Nick’s, and attend a dinner party of his that ultimately opens up a new view of life and love for the ageing couple.
The Review
What holds a marriage or relationship together for decades? I am sure that in general we all start out in a marriage believing that it will be forever and yet so many end in divorce. We see in our own relationships and those around us that gradual and sometimes fast slip into those moments in which those things that drew you to a person become those elements that drive you nuts. This is a film that is kind of about that. Two people in the older years of their lives trying to reconcile what it was that they loved about each other and what is left after all the years have passed and in some part whittled away at that love.

They are a beautiful couple in whom you can see a depth of love as you watch the story unfold however they cannot see it in themselves as clearly anymore. This is a wonderful testament to a great cast with Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan at the forefront, with great support from Jeff Goldblum (who didn't die falling off a cliff in New Zealand Click here to read this hoax)

I remember seeing this kind of love and frustration in the relationship of my grandparents. There was a deep love and beauty to their relationship but oh how they could drive each other crazy. My grandfather was a very patient man who strategically developed selective hearing. So I really felt this film resonate with me. I guess we all know couples along these lines and for the most part we could be accused of thinking why don’t they just break up. However behind the scenes there is often a love and connection that surpasses the niggles and can be very rewarding if you can drive on through the tough times. This film is about that.
There are plenty of laughs and fun moments blended with moments of pain and frustration thrown in for good balance. What also makes it stand out for me is the beautiful scenery that comes to life throughout the film and generally makes me desperately want to visit France. Broadbent and Duncan are awesome and their chemistry and the issues they face feel so very real that you kind of at time feel like you are intruding on their own private world.
The Verdict
Another great film showing real type characters in a real setting with real issues and a little hope thrown in for good measure. A lovely and entertaining film.
The Trailer
The Info
DVD Releases: 25th June 2014
Rating: M - Contains mature Audience. Offensive language, sexual references and drug use.
Duration: 93 minutes
Genre:  Drama
Starring: Jim Broadbent, Lindsay Duncan, Jeff Goldblum, Olly Alexander, Brice Beaugier, Xavier De Guillebon
Director: Roger Michell (Hyde Park on Hudson, Notting Hill, Changing Lanes)
RRP: DVD $39.99
The Extras
Rotten Tomatoes Rating 100% from Critics.