Are We Officially Dating DVD Review

DVD Review by Annie Davis
Are We officially Dating

The Premise
Three best friends find themselves where we've all been - at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?"

The Review
This was a fun romcom with a little too much romping and too little comedy. However, not bad for a B grade movie... What's that? It's not a B grade move? Oh, well with the repetitive story line and lack of big stars I felt that after watching this film that it definitely requires a B grade movie status.   

Now unfortunately for me I went to see this film with my dear old mum. Not a good idea as there are some highly embarrassing salacious moments and some very in your face no holds barred sex scenes. They are doing it and they are doing it a lot and this is essentially what this film revolves around. Don't these people have any form of relationships that do not revolve around sex? Even the three best mates that the story centres around only seem to have their sexual encounters in common. Really? There is so much more to life and this is so shallow.

The characters are young, they are all successful and have amazing careers where they do incredibly well, and are highly regarded by all members of their offices...they also live in the most incredible apartments! Seriously! Haven't the amount of reality TV shows proved to the film industry that we crave a little more realism?

One redeeming factor in this film was the casting of the two leading ladies. Imogen Poots and Addison Timlin are just awesome as the main girlies in the film, especially Poots who is an awesome character, with amazing costuming and a funky hair cut... Yes I'm picking out the shallow bits of this film but really that's what this film is... As shallow as they come. Her dress sense and makeup are fun and so is her quick wit and spunk. Timlin is pretty great too, it's a pure wonder that she ends up with the character she does by the end. Her dress sense adds a lovely touch of class to the set. It is a pity these characters are wasted on this film!

The comedy is awkward! It is the squeamish, nasty kind of awkward where you would rather be under your chair then in it. It's the kind of eeek don't make eye contact with anyone around you type of cringe. Or maybe I am just a prude, but really I think there is already a movie genre that has a sex scene every 10 minutes...The only difference here is that they wear clothes and you don't see any bits, well maybe some boobs. The story line is better than the darker genre but only marginally.

Yes this is a film for virile teenage boys, or maybe girls who love funky female characters. Although I think the men in the film would seriously put them off. Honestly if I had to deal with men like our utterly under charming male protagonists I would head for the hills screaming! Are men really like this? Not in my world.

The Verdict
It was fun, and I would probably rent it on DVD as the second film for the night.

The Trailer

The Info
Releases: 11th June 2014
Rating: M - Contains offensive language & sex scenes
Duration: 94 minutes 
Genre:  Romantic Comedy
Starring: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Imogen Poots, Addison Timlin, Jessica Lucas
Director: Tom Gormican (Debut Feature Film)

RRP: DVD $39.99 Blu-Ray $44.99

The Extras
Rotten Tomatoes rating 22% from Reviewers but a 56% Audience rating.