The 12th annual Rialto Channel 48HOURS national filmmaking competition winners have been announced at the 2014 Grand National Final hosted this evening in Auckland. 48HOURS kicked off on April 4 when over 700 teams from around New Zealand wrote, shot, edited and delivered their short films in just 48 hours. This year there were 14 incredibly strong finalists up for Best Film, but the Grand National Final can only have one 2014 Grand Champion.
The competition, NZ’s biggest filmmaking comp, hands out awards and prizes from a prize pool valued at over $60,000.

This year 4 lucky teams were picked by Sir Peter Jackson as his Wildcard entries. Those films had direct nomination for Best Film in the Grand National Final.

Team Lens Flare "Pants On Fire"
The 2014 Grand National Champion award was taken out by team LENSE FLARE for their short PANTS ON FIRE. A team of international judges from around the world had the very hard task of deciding which films took out the top award, with all 14 films being extremely well crafted short films made in just 48 hours. "Another great year with a well deserving team that didn't let a tough genre get in their way of delivering a truly ambitious 48hour film." 
- Ant Timpson, 48HOURS Director.

The Runner Up award went to team NOISE AND PICTURES for RUBBLE and team MEXICO with A LESSON ON PROBABILITY taking out Runner-Runner Up (third place).

All 14 finalists’ short films were screened at the Grand National Final at the Civic Theatre, Auckland as part of the award ceremony where awards in 21 categories were announced.

Please see below for the list of winners.
Grand National Champion
Lense Flare
"Pants On Fire"
Musical or Dance

Team Noise and Pictures
Runner Up
Noise and Pictures
Horror or Splatter

Runner Runner Up
"A Lesson on Probability"
Against the Odds

V Best Actress
Abby Damen
Simo and Simmo
"Dick Off"
Revenge Movie

V Best Actor
Hamish Parkinson
The Eh Team
“Le restaurant d’erreurs"
Mistaken Identity

Canon Best Direction
Alex Parsons & The Eh Team
"Le restaurant d’erreurs"
Mistaken Identity

Canon Best Cinematography
Begged, Borrowed, Stolen
"A Right Tool"
Mistaken Identity

The Gaylene Preston Award for Best Female Director In association with WIFT NZ
Georgia Agnew
Wolfe Street Productions
Musical or Dance

Film Splats
Revenge Movie

Packed Lunch Productions
"Blind Date"
Rom Com

NZ Herald Online Best Script
Grand Cheval
"Mi Amigo Mandarina"
Race against the Clock

Best Original SONG
Lense Flare
"Pants On Fire"
Musical or Dance

Best Original SCORE
Hayden J. Weal
Simo and Simmo
“Dick Off"
Revenge Movie

Best Animation
"Dead End Job"
Horror or Splatter

Best Editing
Benjamin Brooking
"A Lesson on Probability"
Against the Odds

Best Makeup
Mr. Moose Films
"The Awakening"
Revenge Movie

Mad Scientists
"One Man Army"
Against the Odds

Best Use of the Prop
Les Cousins Dangereux
"Something New"
Rom Com

Best Use of the Line
Une "Ballsed Up"
The Shock Ending Movie

Best Use of the Character
The Tributes
"My Life in Lies"
Film within a Film

Best Disqualified Film
Halcyon Entertainment
Horror or Splatter

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